We do not have dynamic prices. The fare is the same day and night. Our fare does not vary if the demand increases as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

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Fair prices for passengers and drivers

Since we save many costs thanks to the automatic order distribution, we can significantly undercut conventional cab in terms of prices. Since drivers have the lowest fees in the business, they do not have any loss of income.

Individual design of the ride

With various optional services and the ability to send a message to the driver, you can make the ride according to your wishes.

Do not leave any personal information

Order your Cab with just a few clicks - and quite anonymously. You do not need to deposit credit card or other personal information if you do not wish. You can pay cash to the driver.

Live Cab Service Zones of Malta & Gozo

Our unique selling points

Fair prices for everyone


Thanks to the independent distribution of orders, we can undercut the price of conventional Cab`s. However, thanks to the lowest commission in the business, drivers do not have to expect any loss in their income.

Individual journeys design


Thanks to numerous optional services, like to send a message to the driver. As soon as you order the Cab you can make the trip according to your wishes.

Thanks to these services, you can be sure that your driver also has a child`s safety seat, or allows you to take your dog with you in a transport cage, or that no one of you in your group of six has to walk home because there is no space in the vehicle.

Order your taxi anonymously


At Live Cab Service you as a customer can order your Cab anonymously. You can deposit a credit card if you wish. But you can also pay «Cash» in every vehicle.

Only personal data such as your first and last name, the mobile phone number and your e-mail address will be stored and also you are able to contact the driver if he can-not find you at the pick-up location.