We do not have dynamic prices. The fare is the same day and night. Our fare does not vary if the demand increases as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

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Your benefits


➜ Get your Cab orders easily via the app


➜ Benefit from the lowest fees in the business


➜ No contract or fixed costs


Our economic prices of the different vehicle and categories

The charges are just at 10%, making them the lowest fees in the industry

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The fair solution for a Cab driver


In our world everything is changing faster and faster and we think that we should also be in the passenger transport business with the signs of the times.

These days everything has to be fast and comfortable, which is why we think that more and more people in the hotel or restaurant, in the office or anywhere else on their smartphone like to place a Cab order.


For this reason we have - together with the drivers - created an application that is able to meet the "nerve" of the time. But not only the customers benefit from it, also the drivers can easily start their work with the help of an Android smartphone and benefit from many features.


The lowest fees in the industry

At Live Cab Service, we charge 10% fee for each successfully completed order – Cab drivers will not find such low fees anywhere else!


All completed trips with cash or credit card payments will be registered and the difference will be paid to the driver on a weekly basis. The payment is made via e-banking. 

The working time can be organized freely.


The driver may also accept orders from his own or another company, currently he has to turn off his driver app when driving for others. As soon as he is online again, he is obliged to accept the orders offered and to drive.


We are aware that as a driver you are the driving force behind this business, which is why we have tried to develop the fairest possible system for all parties. Of course, we will also be considerate of your feedback in the future.

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What tariffs are available at Live Cab Service

The prices at Live Cab Service are very economical and remain unchanged until further notice. A new pricing will be published under the heading "NEWS".

What do I need to register with Live Cab Service?

In order for the driver to successfully register as a cab driver at Live Cab Service and be connected to the app, he needs the following documents: ● Maltese ID Card (a settlement permit for Malta) ● a Maltese driver's license ● a Maltese certificate (TAG) for passenger transport ● a Criminal record extract (not older than 3 months) ● a Passport photo (can be created at Live Cab Service) ● 20.- € for registration

How is the driver paid?

All rides are paid by the passenger directly in the vehicle. All trips paid in cash or by credit card and will be automatically registered. 10% of each trip will be deducted as connection commission and the difference paid to the driver or claimed to the driver. The billing takes place weekly. The driver must deposit the difference within 5 working days in favor of Live Cab Service (if available). From the 6th day we will block his account until his account is settled. All payments from both sides are made via e-banking.

How do I execute an order?

The information sent to the driver is communicated to the driver via his driver app. This helps him to perform the order. The cab driver can download all functions of the app as PDF. Is currently not available. - INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR ANDROID - INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL FOR IOS