We do not have dynamic prices. The fare is the same day and night. Our fare does not vary if the demand increases as well as on Sundays and public holidays.

Your benefits


➜ Order your Cab easily via the app


➜ Benefit from low prices


➜ Order your Cab quite anonymously

  • Vehicle 1 – 4 Seater

    • Entry price  € 3.00 

    • Drive 1.0 Km  € 0.80 

    • Waiting time   € 0.00 

    • Minimum price  € 5.00 

  • Vehicle 5 – 8 Seater

    • Entry price   € 5.00 

    • Drive 1.0 Km  € 1.00 

    • Waiting time  € 0.00 

    • Minimum price € 7.00 

  • Vehicle 9 – 19 Seater

    • Price per Person € 4.00

    • Vehicle must be pre-booked 24h in advance



With your order you have the possibility to choose from various services. You need a car for up to 20 seats? You would like to take your pet with you for a vet visit? You stopped and need someone with a bridging cable or a booster? No problem - choose one of the corresponding services and add it to your order.

View of approach

your driver


If you place your order through our Live Cab application and a driver has been selected, you can conveniently follow the driver's approach in your app. If you have no connection and would like to be notified as soon as the driver arrives, you can be informed either by SMS or by phone call about the arrival of the driver.

Payment directly in the car


Because we value fairness to our drivers, unlike other competitors, we do not want to take income away from the driver. Therefore, we have decided that all payments are made in the car, directly to the driver. If you want to make a credit card payment, you can enter your credit card data conveniently at home or at your pick-up point, in your app.

So you can decide spontaneously with which means of payment you want to pay the driver and can be sure that the driver is entitled to get everything that is due to him.

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